Pokemon classic games will hit 3Ds Console without save states

  January 28, 2016

Pokemon classic games

The Pokemon classic games now can be played on emulators or Virtual consoles only these days. It means that we cannot play these legendary games on the original consoles like Game Boy advanced which are classified as old in this modern era. Consequently, emulators or Virtual Consoles force us to use save states in the middle of your game. Save states is the saving system which is unnatural and uncommon for common players who usually use save game on the menu of Pokemon games. We know that we sometimes face difficult situation and need to save the game quickly and save states provide this feature. However, we do forget to save our current position in this critical moment, right?

Due the release of Pokemon classic games such as Red, Blue and Yellow in 3Ds next month, players want to save states are available on that console as the main feature for saving the game. However, Nintendo claims that this feature is absent for Japanese Virtual Console which including the 3Ds console. Otherwise, the menu is replaced by Cable Club communication menu. Consequently, there will be no restore point through those classic Pokemon games obviously. We have to say this is such a bad news for GBA lovers who are able to restore points or critical moment when playing these games.

For your information, those save states or restore points are very important for Pokemon classic games such as Blue, Red and Yellow. It is because that the players will use save states when they want to catch legendary Pokemon inside the game. For example, you can to catch Mewtwo, you just prepare the pokeball and use save state before the ball was thrown by you. If it is failed, you just load the state and the ball will be back into the previous position before you thrown the ball. The players will only reload the game until those legendary Pokemon are caught. That is the simple example of the save states function on the GBA or emulators.

Because of the absences of restore point feature for Pokemon classic games in 3Ds virtual console, of course players cannot do the same thing anymore. They will only use the save feature on the towns or certain places. These Pokemon games will be released on February 27 2016. It is also the 20th anniversary of those games since their first debut on GBA. We do not know this will give any impact or not for the sale of Pokemon games in the future.

Download out 8 Ball Pool Hack Android Securely and Easily without surveys

  January 19, 2016

8 ball pool hack android

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Bleach: Brave Soul released abroad

  January 16, 2016

Bleach Brave Soul

The popularity of the Bleach: Brave Soul is now spreading out all over the world. For your information, this game is very popular in its local market, Japan. However, the local popularity of this game could not happen into other countries because the developer did not do a fast-move to release it internationally. Now, this game is officially released abroad. The first target is North America. The Android and iOs users are now able to download this game from their smartphone via app store. Bleach is one of popular manga and anime globally these days. Brave Soul is the first mobile game from Bleach which released recently.

The turn of Asian market is not yet available for Bleach: Brave Soul. Although Japan is the first location, it does not make the developer releasing this game on Asia especially south East Asia. This game offers 3D graphics in Action RPG gameplay. The players are able to create a team consisting three characters to play attractive adventure in Bleach manga and anime. You can choose freely the characters who become your team. Of course, those characters are involved on its original story on manga. We do understand why this game is much demanded because its popularity on manga and anime.

We have no detail about the deep gameplay of Bleach: Brave Soulyet because the limitation of the game’s availability. According to Youtube, there are some videos which show the gameplay of this game. This game is very addictive because you will control those three characters in a team. Then, you can level up them to become stronger against stronger enemies either. You can also switch the character which you want to play. There is an energy meter which can be full if you defeated some enemies. Once it has full energy, the character will have a special move.

This game is now available for iOs and Android users. You just need iTunes and Google account to download it on your app stores. Overall, the game is very fun because you are able to level up your character. The background also changes one map into another. The 3D graphics and good story is a very good combination. Moreover, Bleach is one of best manga or anime these days. You can play as Ichigo, Rukia, ByakuyaKuchiki through the game. The gameplay is very addictive because you can create the best team based on the characters. We believe you need to spend your time to play Bleach: Brave Soul on your devices.

Dying light’s new leveling system

  December 28, 2015

Dying light

The latest news of Dying Light brings all of the players to try a new leveling system in details. It means that players are able to make their characters stronger easily. Techland, the developer of this game, just announced this new system recently. There are some videos which show these new features. The update is named as Enhanced Edition update. For your information, this new leveling system called as Legendary levels system. I will explain furthermore about this leveling system below. The point is the update will be followed with the DLC pack. Unfortunately, you need to buy this DLC pack for $60.

Furthermore, the Dying Light new leveling system is easier than before. Once you completed a skill tree, you will gain the experience by using Legendary level. FYI, this level is available until 250. Wow, it is such kind of long story for your character. IN other words, you can make your own character story and lengthen it in many ways. For example, you will only focus on the strength such as stamina and health and vice versa. Moreover, new accessories such as outfits and emblems are also available for your character. Weapons are also added but you must unlock them in certain levels.

This new leveling system of Dying Light is not a truly new in the game’s genre. If you have ever tried Diablo III, you will be familiar with its Paragon leveling system. This update is not available for now. The major update will be released February, next year including the DLC pack that I stated earlier. This DLC is not alone. There are also the Following and Enhanced Edition which complete the DLC pack. Meanwhile, you will get free update if you have already the game now. So, buy the game before the DLC released will cut off the budget efficiently guys.