Forza Horizon 3 is More Than Racing Game

  September 20, 2016


Less than a month, you can play the most anticipated racing game, Forza Horizon 3. If you are car lovers and race, this game should be on your target list obviously. For your information, this is the game that becomes one of the flagship games of Microsoft and it will be released soon. The third series of this game will not only be available on the Xbox One. Microsoft as the developer has also offered this game for PC users through their latest Windows 10. Due how many series of the game, it implies that this racing game has many fans out there. However, the previous series were only available for PC and people expected that the latest series should be available on the Xbox One.


Because of the Forza Horizon 3 will be available on PC and Xbox One, it does not mean Microsoft just releases it for both platforms blindly. Previously, this big developer has ever tested PC gamers by releasing the ForzaMotosport: 6 Apex. It is a demo version in order to test PC platform as the next target of Forza game which will be working under Win 10. If you want to play the demo, you can download the game freely on the Windows Store. Make sure you have installed Windows 10 first before playing the game.


The Forza Horizon 3 is the spin-off of the Forza racing game. This game offers a racing gameplay just like Gran Turismo. It uses on-track race, but it gives more variants, freedoms and fun rather than Gran Turismo which is more serious and details. Moreover, the developer of this game, Studio Playground Games, also provides this game with open-world system just like Need For Speed. They have chosen Australia as the main track of this game after they chose United States and Europe on previous series. You can still feel the similar gameplay with previous series too. We are looking for online-multiplayer mode of this game because we do not test it yet through the demo.


For your information, this game is also introduced at Gamescom in Germany now. You will see the details of this game through the event. Overall, this racing game is required after all RPG and FPS games which become the kings in 2016. The features of this game is also worth it to be played such as open-world system, different tracks and plenty cars that you can drive in this game. One last thing is that you can also modify your car in Forza Horizon 3.

Pokemon Go Hack Using Software For iPhone Users

  September 6, 2016

Pokemon GO Games

GPS can be used as Pokemon Go hack using software for those of you who are using iPhone or iOS mobile devices. You have to jailbreak your mobile devices if you want to use this iOS tool which has been designed.

Step by Step

iCrackUriDevice is a Pokemon Go hacker which is uploaded a video on eleventh August which explaining about how to use Pokemon Go hack using software with jailbroken iPhone. The installation will be required by this software of the newest iOS jailbreak tool.

After that, you just have to go to Cydia and the unofficial Pokemon Go application should be installed. This specific application will make the jailbreak tool works on the official one. After the two important software tools have been installed, GPS settings of the game can be customized.

Niantic is working on permabans to you but this newest iOS GPS Pokemon Go hack using software has taken into consideration. The Pokemon Go hack using software will avoid the game from reporting your real location in terms of the game will crash or stop.

Opportunity for you of getting Pokemon has been improved because of the curve ball tweaking. The similar software also fakes servers of Niantic from detecting a change based on BGR. The presenter also says that the Pokemon Go hack using software is suitable with a couple of updates and releases of Niantic. That features can only be worked by testing it by using the actual update for Pokemon Go. Nowadays, Pokemon Go users are very satisfied that GPS Pokemon Go hack using software is working by using the latest game version. There is also a chance that Niantic will take a couple of steps in order to disable the cheating tool for iOS.

Pokemon Go players are allowed by the GPS spoofing in order to occur on-screen which they are outside that is hunting for creatures of Pokemon and a couple of other items. The real fact is that the cheaters can sit and stay in the comfort zone of their own places while submitting a couple of these Pokemon creatures.

Bound offers New Way to Play a Game

  August 25, 2016


In Bound, you will move through an interpretive dance. By playing this game, you have to reproduce the symphony in a particular balletic movement like jumping, etc. This game is very abstract as we can see on the area surrounding our heroine. Moreover, she is also faceless. But, this game is actually using interactive performance of dancing which is rare on some popular genre of games these days. The story is not pretty challenging. It is more like asking the players to create a special move from the dance. For your information, the story is simple. It starts when a queen asks her daughter to kill a giant creature which will destroy their current kingdom.

Gameplay and Graphic

The gameplay of Bound is stagnant. Mostly, you just run and run traversing the labyrinth until you are close enough with the monster. Climbing ladder and jumping from one into another place is the most common thing that you have to control in this game. But, the graphic of the labyrinth is beautiful. All rudimental movements cannot be felt because we have to find the best way to defeat stage by stage. From a beautiful sea into hazy labyrinth is well-presented in this game. The best component of this game can be seen on its heroine’s movements which are very aesthetics and you will never see it before in other games.

Simple but Attractive

Furthermore about the heroine of Bound, she can dance in every single dangerous moment in her life. This idea has never been used for modern games nowadays. With simple combinations, you are able to create beautiful dance variation on your character. The story may be simple, but you can interpret the meanings and messages of the game on your own thoughts after completing each stage. The journey will never make you bored even though the repetitive movements always accompany you through the game.


The game may seem simple and usual. But, you never see how beautiful it is before you play it by yourself. The simplicity can be complex if you make it complex. Thus, it makes this game abstract which can be anything that you interpret in your mind while playing at the moment. In other words, this game is a digital art which is represented in digital way. Overall, we review this game as the addictive one. You will feel that it is very enjoyable to play it more and more in your spare time. The Bound game will increase your creativity with its imaginative display and graphic.

10 Boom Beach Trick for Android You Have To Try

  June 9, 2016

Boom Beach Trick for Android is what the million users of Boom Beach have been struggling for in order to get to know what kind of information they can use to get a lot of money, gems, and also coins. These important things can be earned through times and through the hardship in playing the game. For some people who do not think money as the big matter will have no worry in spending them just for having these three precious things in Boom Beach. In fact, for some people who only seek for the pleasure and satisfaction while playing the game, they can take use of the tricks for the Boom Beach.

boom beach trick

Boom Beach Trick for Android

Boom Beach Trick for Android can be accessed every time and also everywhere. You can say goodbye to the hectic times to earn the materials for upgrading the building. Here are some tricks for the Boom Beach that the people can think of without the urge to spend a large sum of money. Whenever you feel that you lack of wood, you can actually spend 600 gold for getting 300 lumbers. It helps you in fulfilling the needs of upgrading everything like your headquarters or the sniper towers. The faster you upgrade, the faster you will be able to restore the numbers of wood or other kinds of materials for the next upgrade.

Then all the players will have a kind of thinking. How could they as the players upgrade the building so that later they will be able to keep the excess number of wood whereas the current position they still have the missing materials for upgrading? may show you the way to reach what you have been dreaming off.

In order to earn the diamonds in Boom Beach game, you can claim some stars at the achievement column. This is the place where you can get the free diamonds after the achievement level you have reached. You will then be able to explore the next map to be conquered. Finishing all the steps in the Boom Beach trick means you will be able to speed up all the upgrade processes like the gold storage, the headquarters, the sniper towers, and many more. How you play this game looks very simple and also interesting after a few clicks and a few minutes waiting with Boom Beach Trick for Android.

Gears Of War 4 Review And Gameplay

  May 30, 2016

Gears Of War 4

Gears Of War 4 is an forthcoming third-person shooter video game exclusive for Xbox One published by Microsoft Studios and developed by The Coalition. This fourth main installment in the Gears of War series will be the fifth installment including the Judgment installment. This is the first full Gears game created by The Coalition studio and the first series built from the base for Xbox One.

Gears Of War 4 Gameplay

You will start the game by trying to complete the training. You will be taught how to control the character and shoot the weapon to attack someone. The Gears Of War 4 has pretty the same gameplay and you will love the multiplayer if you’re a fan of it. There are the same frenzied and vicious Matches as you start running towards the tactically-positioned weapon quickly in order to achieve initial benefits over the enemies. However, since everyone has the same method of choosing explosives, it turns out to be a brawl. It will be easier to win if the team stays together. Gears multiplayer is not suit Lone wolves. If you want to win and avoid to be killed, the most important aspect is teamwork.

Gears Of War 4 Combat

The Gears’ kill experience is unmatched by other games when it comes to the feel of pleasure. You only know those heart-thumping beats or explosion of accidentally stepped grenade-mine and the shotgun blast that tear body parts in the Gears. There is lower losing a supreme frustrating in Gears and a matchless high Winning. There two playing modes in Gears Of War 4, Dodgeball and Team Deathmatch. New three maps include Foundation, Dam, and Harbor. You will enjoy a much smoother and more pleasing multiplayer perceptive with the use of 60 frames which is new for the first time in Gears. This results on sleeker running and less frustrating aiming at persistently dodging and running enemies. To help keeping your eyes on target, it is best to max out all aiming sensitivities.

Bounty system is new and similar to Halo 5 which lets players to earn bonus XP with the possibility to set more than one active bounty per match. Kills are the focus in Gears 4 bounties doesn’t significantly influence gameplay though it’s a good addition though it is expected to have more different tasks. Looking similar to the Locust, the Swarm is a new enemy in the game. There is no change visually and perfunctorily in Gears Of War 4 but this narrative point of view lets you to discover and develop in the single player.

Clash Royale Hack Tips for Beginner to Experts

  May 28, 2016

Clash royale top game nowdays

Clash Royale hack tips can guide you to give what you cannot get in the game of Clash Royale that was perfectly made by Supercell. These hack tips will give you loads of information about how to cheat the number of gems, gold, the current level to go beyond your expectation, and also the new additional features like new chest, new cards, and also new arena for the cards war. What are other features that the people can get without spending lots of cash or money?

Clash Royale Hack Tips Trusted and Worked

Clash Royale hack tips and the Clash Royale hack tool APK, what are the differences? Both of them might have offered the similar thing but the cheat trick might have provided you with more and precise information which might have missed from the information explained in hack tool APK. For your information, do you know any information about the limitation of the gem which is excessively filled in?

Clash Royale Hack Tips

In Clash Royale hack tips, you will be guided not to fill the excessive limit of the number or else all your steps will be such a waste and you need to start right from the beginning. It is not only wasting time but also wasting your internet too. Here are some tips for all of you to keep in mind. For the limit of each website might have been different. Some of them might offer you in 999999 numbers and something like that but there are some other websites which give you for up to 5000000 coins and gems. Is not that satisfying to come true?

Whenever you want to have some trial on doing the Clash Royale hack tips, the writer recommend you not to access the website that provides the hack link at night because most of the users will access at the same time thus the system will be overload and you need to start and start again from the beginning.

If you are quite selective, you will get those websites which need no surveys, no download, and no installment of something. You just right to the web and follow everything in some clicks. Then everything will be solved. You can refresh your game before enjoying the bonuses. Sometimes you cannot enjoy the gems and coins when you still have the “currently-playing” status of the Clash Royale. Unfortunately, this is the end of the Clash Royale hack tips.

The Magic of Subway Surfers Hack Tool

  March 17, 2016

subway surfers

Using Subway Surfers hack can help you to win the game in instant. There are many people who try to get the hack tools or codes for this game. They try to search in the internet to get it free. It happens because Subway Surfers is very popular. This game was firstly released for iOS. Many iOS users love and get addicted to this game. This game getting more popular when it was released for Android too. It gets many more fans around the world who play this game in their device. This game is so fun and interesting to be played.

Many players try to win this game in their ways. Some users try to win this game in normal mode, without purchasing any items or using any hack tools. But, there are some other user who try to win this game by purchasing the items in the game that can be used to win the game. The other people try to use Subway Surfers hack tool to get the items in the for free. They can get unlimited coins, the characters are unlocked, and the surfing boards also get unlocked. It will be very easy for them to win this game in that condition.

The Subway Surfers hack can be found from the internet. There are many websites which provide the hack tool for you. What you need to do is to find the website that provide the real hack tool, not a scam website. You should be careful in this process because you may end visiting a website that asks you to finish some surveys or you download the wrong hack tool that can be harmful for your device. The Subway Surfers hack tool for android can be found in the form of APK. It is the game itself that has been modified so all the stuffs get unlocked. You just need to remove the original game from your device, then install the modified APK.

Using hack tool to win a game surely will save much of your time and energy. But, there are many users who believe that using any hack tools in playing a game will make the game not interesting anymore. Many users play Subway Surfers because they want to get challenged by the game. If you use any hack tools, there are no challenges in playing the game. Now, it’s up to you to use the Subway Surfers hack tool or not to win the game.

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare, Nostalgic Game of 90’s Toys

  February 22, 2016

The Mean Greens

The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare is a nostalgic game that remind you with your old toys in 90’s. Compared to many modern games nowadays, this game is so iconic and fun. The developer of this game, Developer Virtual Basement, use the iconic toys from Pixar Toy Story in 90’s. They try to feed off the nostalgia in this game. The iconic toys show firstly with the green army men that joining in the combat. But, the game story cannot meet the expectation of nostalgic battles through the iconic old toys character. Let’s take a look closer about this game.

This game is a multiplayer game that use third person shooter set. The war in this game is between the green army and tan. The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare game offers very interesting scenario because the tiny characters move and run in a big world where you can find many interesting objects in kitchen, bathroom, or other rooms. Many objects such as cake, bike, or table can be found during the war that make the war becomes so epic. Finding many huge objects in this game is very fun and becomes great effect for the game itself. The open world setting make you can move freely anywhere you want and there are many variations in the battle.

The mission in this game focus on completing some objectives such as take your opponent’s flag or take over their base by shooting the enemies and your weapon will be very useful to slow down your enemy. Killing your enemy is not the priority in this game, so sometimes you just need to slow them down to reach your goal. The weapons in The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare is not so powerful because the main goal is not killing the enemy. Sometime you cannot make sure whether your shoot hitting the enemy or not. Then, when you get any damage, you don’t where the damage exactly come from.

Each mode in this game has dedicated map that will give you different setting and scenario for each mode. If you find your favorite mode, you will really enjoy to play The Mean Greens – Plastic Warfare. The audio in this game is amazing because it successfully gives the perspective of very small guy in a big world. The main sound is gunfire and a mediocre soundtrack. It’s worthy for you try this game. Find an amazing and fun experiences to see the huge world through the small army men.

Hay Day Triche for iPhone – Does It Really Work?

  February 19, 2016

hay day

Playing hay day without hay day triche for iPhone seems to be like playing online games without having proper internet connection. Most of the young people are willing to spend more dollars to get more diamonds and buy more coins online. They want to do everything to make sure that theirs are the best out of those hundred thousand players ever. If you are using iPhone but you have not found any traces about the hack tutorial for iPhone users because everything has been piled up by Android hack tutorials, well you shall not be worried.

Many people have already noticed that hay day triche for iPhone has the chance of 50 percent. It is because iPhone has been known as the strict devices which sort all applications which are going to be installed in it. It brings limitation to the devices so that most of the hack online or hack tutorials are not applicable in all iOs devices. Yes, hundreds of annoyed people are getting more and more widespread because they cannot have the hack for their hay day because the device they have limits them for getting free and unlimited sources of diamonds and coins.

Hay day triche for iPhone can be accessed from their devices. The most important thing of hacking the account to get free and unlimited sources of money and diamonds is entering your real username. Unless you enter the right username, yours will be banned and block thus you cannot use your account anymore. There would be some benefits of using the hack online. You do not have to waste your money earned, you do not have to reach the levels with locked building to install, and you do not have to wait long to have lots of diamonds and coins.

Thus, for those who think that hay day triche for iPhone is useless and meaningless, they might be wrong. This kind of hack can help the players be away from their burdensome. In order to get this free facilities, you need to access the official hack site of hay day then it will process everything based on the form you have been asked to fill in. In conclusion, the hack online for iPhone can really work well for the iOs users as long as they have inserted the right and the real input to the official site or else you will get nothing although you have accessed the site.

Pokemon classic games will hit 3Ds Console without save states

  January 28, 2016

Pokemon classic games

The Pokemon classic games now can be played on emulators or Virtual consoles only these days. It means that we cannot play these legendary games on the original consoles like Game Boy advanced which are classified as old in this modern era. Consequently, emulators or Virtual Consoles force us to use save states in the middle of your game. Save states is the saving system which is unnatural and uncommon for common players who usually use save game on the menu of Pokemon games. We know that we sometimes face difficult situation and need to save the game quickly and save states provide this feature. However, we do forget to save our current position in this critical moment, right?

Due the release of Pokemon classic games such as Red, Blue and Yellow in 3Ds next month, players want to save states are available on that console as the main feature for saving the game. However, Nintendo claims that this feature is absent for Japanese Virtual Console which including the 3Ds console. Otherwise, the menu is replaced by Cable Club communication menu. Consequently, there will be no restore point through those classic Pokemon games obviously. We have to say this is such a bad news for GBA lovers who are able to restore points or critical moment when playing these games.

For your information, those save states or restore points are very important for Pokemon classic games such as Blue, Red and Yellow. It is because that the players will use save states when they want to catch legendary Pokemon inside the game. For example, you can to catch Mewtwo, you just prepare the pokeball and use save state before the ball was thrown by you. If it is failed, you just load the state and the ball will be back into the previous position before you thrown the ball. The players will only reload the game until those legendary Pokemon are caught. That is the simple example of the save states function on the GBA or emulators.

Because of the absences of restore point feature for Pokemon classic games in 3Ds virtual console, of course players cannot do the same thing anymore. They will only use the save feature on the towns or certain places. These Pokemon games will be released on February 27 2016. It is also the 20th anniversary of those games since their first debut on GBA. We do not know this will give any impact or not for the sale of Pokemon games in the future.